I am a writer and voracious reader, living on Martha’s Vineyard with two crazy dogs and an equally crazy husband. (In our household, crazy is a good thing!) I have a weekly column in the Martha’s Vineyard Times, and on occasion, I write for Martha’s Vineyard Magazine and Island Weddings.

Thanks for reading. Have fun!

Some other things that interest me that come up on this blog from time to time are as follows:

art: Art is an all-encompassing category and word that includes painting, drawing, singing, writing, thinking creatively, tapping the right brain, etc. To me, they’re all connected. Creation regardless of medium is the means; art is the end. When I was little, I wanted to be an artist when I grew up. At the time (and still), I would have considered any of the above occupations a successful outcome.

books: I eat books whole for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

cooking: Cooking really falls under “art,” too, as does gardening really, but that would be muddling things a bit. I have come to enjoy preparing delicious meals, many of which start with an idea or a single ingredient and a little inspiration. It has taken me a few years to develop confidence in combining ingredients that seem like a good idea in my head. Now with the obsession with vegetable gardening, there’s the fun challenge of what to do with three pounds of lettuce and the contents of the cupboards…. Fun!!

etiquette: My Virgo half (I’m a cusp) loves rules and structure (and the deconstruction of same) and I’m fascinated by tradition, social custom, and the origins thereof. I also live in the preppy capital of the world (Well, actually the preppy summer capital of the world. Emily Post herself summered in my town.) and have a Jane-Goodall-among-the-apes fascination with the upper crust and their habits.

gardening: I grow veggies and herbs, and tend to kill any plants that do not result in food.

inspiration: Sometimes I come across quotes, pictures, ideas, etc. that I want to save for later.

knitting: Another thing I do to pass the time, particularly during sporting events that I’m only partially interested in. I get a lot of knitting done during regular-season football, although the knitting needles lose out to nail-biting during the post season.

language: As a bookworm, creative writing BFA, and sometime editor, I’m into grammar, etymology, punctuation, misuse, words, etc. It comes up from time to time.

writing: This category includes writing exercises, as well as anything I have to say about writing and publishing in general.

[Updated 10/14]



  1. Hi neighbor this is very cool, thanks for sharing your thoughts and ideas with me. hope to see you guys very soon…

  2. I saw your thatsmydad hashtag on Jimmy Fallon, then I came across your blog. You sound like you have a very interesting life. :)

    • ifyoubelievethenclap said

      Thanks! Wow the Jimmy Fallon thing was unexpected and awesome!

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