Ruby Anniversary (May 6, 2012)

She had him pinned by high school’s end
despite the warnings of her friends
To Asia, he was sent to war
Fought as their fathers had before

At Merciers’, she punched the clock
Drove yellow bug around the rock
She bided time until his ship
was back safe in familiar slips

Then wedding bells the sixth of May
–that’s forty years ago, this day–
Filled Edgartown with peals of glee
As, with this ring, he married she

Come autumn-time, add to their joy
a lovely bouncing baby boy,
not far behind, a ginger girl,
and finally a tow-head pearl

Now he and she, plus three–complete
they made their home near waters sweet
where up the road, they found some friends,
so formed were the Dolbvakians

Their kids grew up, each found a spouse
Added more laughter to the house
There’s Ellie, Carrie, Adeline,
and little Andrew right behind

From Sundays on Katama Bay,
to ski trips in shabby chalets
Together she and he have made
life worthy of its own parade



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