Can I just keep it old-skool?

Every time I think of some new thing I want out there on the Internet, I feel like I have to reconfigure the whole situation here. For example, I’ve been writing these poems lately. Silly poems, mostly as presents for friends and family, and I want to share them. So instead of just tossing them up here, I go through this online identity crisis, where I’m all, OK, time to revamp. Need to have my blog be under my name instead of an obscure quote from Peter Pan. Then I spend three hours sifting through website templates and pictures and web creation programs, and nothing really fits, and I really don’t care, because really, I hate web design and all I actually want to do is share my writing. And then write some more. So eff it. It’s all going on this blog, and I don’t care if it makes sense.

So there. Time to cease stomping on my inner Tinkerbell with all this technical nonsense. I’d rather just keep clapping and believe that fairies can survive without perfect formatting or exhaustive code.


Now onto the poesy!


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