A reconciliation (soundtrack by Journey)

Dear Blog,

It’s not you, it’s me.

I’ve tried coming back to you so many times now, but I swore when I started this thang that I would never apologize for not updating, that this whole bloggy thing was for me and me alone, and I don’t owe anyone any excuses if I slack. But each time I tried to write something new, it felt like a lie of omission. There was an elephant in the room, and until I put two hands on that sucker’s rear and forced him outside, there was no space for true communication.

But I’m ready to come back. So here’s what happened: I got stagefright. Lame, I know. But a lot happened at once. I started getting magazine articles published and people were paying attention, and those interested in my novel manuscript began threatening to Google me! And then there was the whole getting-sick-for-the-entire-summer thing. Vitamin D deficiency is no joke. And I wonder how much longer it has been affecting me than just the past six months.

Then Dave had to go crash on his bike once again. Almost exactly a month after a crash in which he broke both his wrists, this time it was four ribs, a lung, a shoulder, his knees. Nobody wants to get The Phone Call. I got two Phone Calls in as many months. Luckily, he is a quick healer. Unluckily, that means he’s just about ready to get back on a bike and barrel down a mountain at top speed yet again. I have married a man whose career carries with it the risk of the Ultimate Phone Call. But maybe I’m just being dramatic. One hopes.

So blog, here I am to clear the air. There is so much I want to share with you: the things I learned from NaNoWriMo even though I bowed out quite early, my new love/hate relationship with jogging (or “yogging,” if you choose to pronounce it with a “soft j”*), the holidays (which are my favorite!), and the things that come to me in the shower.

Blog, I could go on, but I’d rather let Journey do it for me.

I’m just going to imagine you giving me a nice pat on the shoulder with your 80211 wireless hands and saying, “Welcome back, Buddy. Nice to see you.”

Yours faithfully**, if delinquently,


* I couldn’t find that scene from Anchorman on YouTube, but I did find this, which is glorious.

** If you insist.


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