Bits and pieces…bits and pieces…*

Step into rando-blog mode with me. We’ll sit here for a spell and I’ll tell you of things that have been going on in my world.

I think I’m experiencing a bit of a tech hangover. I realized this today when, for about the tenth time this week, I typed something into the text box in Twitter and then promptly deleted it, then navigated to Google Reader and didn’t feel like reading anything.

Could have something to do with the awesomeness in book form I have been reading lately. Yesterday, I finished Devil in the White City and followed it up today with Sara Zarr’s Sweethearts.

Devil in the White City is about the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair and a serial killer who used the craziness of the city at the time to cover up his acts. I have such a fascination with World’s Fairs. At the root, they are all about dreamers coming together, being given a municipal canvas on which to bring to life their wackiest fantasies. Then what begins as a wacky fantasy at a World’s Fair eventually becomes something we take for granted every day: incandescent lightbulbs, pediatric incubators, Cracker Jacks all got their starts at a World’s Fair. Not to mention architecture! Roller coasters! The Ferris Wheel! The Eiffel Tower! Oh, and much of PR too (hee).

I sort of see it like this: say you’re at a cocktail party and someone asks the obligatory and ever-annoying, “So what do you do?” And you go, “I’m an architect.” Then, say some dude in a pinstriped morning coat with a gold watch fob and a monocle (perhaps a top hat and cane…) walks up and says, “I say, what if I were to give you an unlimited budget to design and build the kind of things you scribbled in your sketch pad when you were seven?” And your eyes light up. “You mean, like, this building that’s 300 stories high? But with open walls? And elephants?” “Certainly,” he says, not looking at all crazily at you through his monocle. “And a TRAPEZE PLATFORM? And maybe we could launch a SPACESHIP off the TOP???” “You’re the boss!” he says.

That’s what I imagine it’s like to be asked to design a World’s Fair. I think everyone should try it.

So about Sweethearts. I’m in awe. Great writing, great pacing, the details, the characters…. It’s so rich. And I think Alan is my favorite YA dad ever. I never really thought about what a bad rap stepparents typically get in, like, everything, so it was nice to see a stepdad who is awesome. The part with the fish…aw, I love Alan.

Saw Star Trek last night. Add me to Team Spock. Why do we love the deep brooding guys so much? All I could think was I’m sad Captain Kirk is going to grow up to be William Shatner. But what’s so wrong with William Shatner? Dude just wants me to get a good deal on airfare and hotels, right? Why does there just seem to be something inherently douchy about him? Because, really when you think about it, Spock is going to grow up to be…Sylar. Oh, pop culture. You just play with my mind. (BTW, Winona Ryder??? WTF???)

Speaking of pop culture playing with my mind, I have White Lightning to thank for my current obsession with Lady Gaga. She’s a…circus. (OK, maybe I’ve been listening to a little too much Britney too, but whatever.) LOVE. So it makes me feel less old to shake my butt to some pop while I plant my garden. Sue me.

And while we’re on the subject of my 85th birthday, which seems to be FAST APPROACHING, I have gray hair!!! I’m not kidding! I thought I saw some, but Dave said I was crazy. Then, Saturday night I was talking to a friend and she was all, “Is that gray hair?” It TOTALLY IS!!! So there go my plans of rediscovering my natural haircolor. I will be making an appt with my colorist, STAT.

Ah, it’s good to be back, sweet little bloggy. BEDA backfired for me. I see the merit in writing every day, but I realized as I blogged every day that I didn’t want all my ramblings out there for public consumption. And then I got really burned out.

But here I am! Blogging away! Did you miss me?

* A reference to this, of course.


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