Dear web-savvy friends,

I own I would like it if you could go there and see a picture of me and a short bio on the left, then a column on the right with a list of my favorite books and books I am currently reading. I would like it if you could navigate to another page that houses my blog, and a third page where I might put excerpts from works-in-progress, links to magazine articles, and maybe a couple of the short pieces from my blog revised as essays.

That’s the vision.

Do I do this through WordPress as a multi-page blog, hosted at my URL, or do I have someone make me a web page (or make it myself–egad!) and do some web-elf magic to make the blog appear in the proper spot? I am NOT moving a year’s worth of content from blog to web site. (Unless I have to, that is….)

So, do it within the confines of blog software, or put the blog in confines of web site-building software?

Thoughts? Anyone…?

Your bud,


(See how I could have just sent this in an email to my web-savvy friends but instead I turned it into a BEDA post? SEE? Brill, I say.)



  1. Lorcasaur said

    Oh, you picky dude! Rob’s as web savvy as they come, and he says he’d have to charge for that sort of work. Apparently it’s complicated. But I’m sure he’d give you an excellent deal!

    • ifyoubelievethenclap said

      Cool. This answers my question. I just needed to hear, “Oh Linley! You so crazy!” Now I can step back and reassess.

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