Yep, it’s Monday again

Monday is the day when I blog about pretty much nothing. See what BEDA has done for me? It has given me a ROUTINE! Friday Fives, Mundane Mondays, frightening pictures of Jesus. Thank you, BEDA!

So right now I officially declare Monday the day I’m allowed to blather on about nothing in particular, aimlessly, and without purpose. And I can be redundant too! No editor! There’s too much in the headspace on Monday for anything to make much sense, and luckily I always have the rest of the week to sort it out.

Each week begins with a virtual hat rack, and on that hat rack there is the jaunty and fetching writer’s cap, a clean white chef’s hat, a tight and pinchy thinking cap (reserved for accounting activities related to The Day Job), a dirty baseball cap that reeks of Clorox and Pledge, and the party pants still unretired from the weekend.

Monday Linley tries to stack all the hats on at once and see if I can balance them, and once the pile is secure, I throw the party pants on top. (Party pants are clearly for wearing on your head. Or this is a symptom of my Monday confusion. Feel free to discuss amongst yourselves.)

Tuesday Linley makes a list and gets s#!t done. Tuesday Linley thinks Monday Linley is INSANE.

Monday Linley IS insane. But at least for that one day, I entertain the idea that I have SUPERPOWERS and can do everything at once. It is important to occasionally believe you have superpowers, and believing this once a week is good for you. Like vitamins.

Vitamins are more of a Tuesday thing though, so for now, I’m going to go find a length of cord with which to secure my party pants on top of all my hats. If you’ll excuse me….



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