The Tyra Banks/Dustin Pedroia Smackdown

I’m staring at an empty text box here at 7:59 p.m. I will not let BEDA become a big old FAIL just because it happens to fall on a time when I am busier with work and life than ever. Just because on the CW at this very moment, Tyra is discussing what has happened “Previously on America’s Next Top Model,” and it would be so easy to just shut the laptop and tune in, I will not quit so easily.

Under the cover of my Bookkeeper hat, I have made so many spreadsheets the past couple days that – I kid you not – I read the clock as a dollar amount earlier this evening. Yes, instead of reading 5:34 as a time, I puzzled at why the back of my stove was illuminated with a big ol’ $5.34. Like my stove was a freakin’ cash register or something. I could very well dream in Excel tonight. I will wake up crying, because that would be so very sad and so much worse than being chased by an ax murder or similar night-sweats-type scenario.

Yesterday was my best blog day ever, stats-wise. I can only guess that is because I wrote about baseball. It’s too bad I don’t know a lot more about sports, because I’d probably get a lot of action around here, but truthfully, I went to watch the game and, soon after Dustin Pedroia hit a home run in his first at-bat of the season (BOO YAA!!), I got distracted with socializing and forgot to watch the rest of the game.

[Most of that paragraph was one sentence, and I’m far too tired to fix it. I switched from contact lenses to glasses for the night already, and I can barely see right now because I’ve had a computer screen within inches of my face all day. And did I mention Tyra’s on?]

I’m wondering which would result in more blog hits: mentions of Tyra Banks/America’s Next Top Model or mentions of Dustin Pedroia/the Red Sox. Tough call, really.

I’ll report back my findings in the a.m.



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