Well, beat the drum and hold the phone…

…the sun came out today!
We’re born again, there’s new grass on the field.*

The clouds appear to be clearing out there, and it’s looking like we might get some baseball in today. I have a kitchen stocked with Fenway Franks and Gulden’s mustard, peanuts in the shell, and I think what’s cooler than the fact that I have all these things is how heavy with memories of seasons past each is.

The hot dogs remind me of the game when we were sitting in Tony D’s seats – eleventh row, right behind the plate – and the hot dog guy came around “Hey, HOT DOGS hee-ah!” And Dave jumped from his seat mid-sentence and yelled “FIVE HOT DOGS!” And then we had to figure out what to do with five hot dogs. “It seemed like a good idea,” he maintains.

Or there was the game my senior week in college, when we were up in the bleachers, and I ate half my hot dog and some guy asked if I was done with it, so I shrugged and gave the guy half a hot dog, which he proceeded to remove from the bun and bounce off the head of a security guard. I had nothing to do with it, officer. I thought I was just giving some dude a little something to soak up a fraction of the 58 beers he had undoubtedly consumed. That game, Nomar hit two grand slams and a home run. It was his birthday.

The best tale of the peanuts had to be, once again in the bleachers, possibly with the_mighty_em, when a couple of Japanese tourists sat in front of us and asked if they could have some peanuts, except with their accents, it sounded like they were asking for “penis.” That one never got old. That may have also been the game where some guy in front of me bought me a giant foam finger, because he insisted that I needed it. I still have that foam finger. It was on my hand when the Red Sox swept in 2004, and again during the 2007 Series, and all the post seasons between.

We’ve seen some good games in that park! I saw Pedro strike out 17 batters. I’ve also drank my way through countless rain delays, watching them drag the tarp over and back and over and back. I’ve bought five dollar waters in a heat wave; I’ve sat at the top of the bleachers on 30-something degree April nights, with the wind blowing so hard you can’t feel your fingers, let alone hold a beer.

Now that we’re no longer in Boston, we have new traditions. We know where to be at 4:05 today, everyone on the same stools as last year. We’re ready to trade wool hats for baseball caps, and get this season started.

Man, I love that dirty water!


* “Centerfield” – John Fogerty. Duh.



  1. Dave said

    GO SOX!! Can we get 95 wins and a spot in the playoffs this year? This guy thinks YES!

  2. Gail said

    Linley – I’m sensing that you are now posting about “something” every day this month – is that what you were talking about the other day? I’m dying to see what is left to talk about on April 30th. GO SOX!!! Also, just found out the official name for the barn cat ~~ Cricket~~

    • ifyoubelievethenclap said

      Yep, blogging every day in April. Are you kidding? I have PLENTY left to talk about. Whether anyone’s still interested by April 30, I’ve yet to determine!

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