My name is Linley Dolby, and I am a Mac

I give.

For years, I have tried to be a operating system loyalty-free zone. I have bounced back and forth between Macs and PCs, extolling the virtues and enumerating the shortcoming of each. In my uber-geek time in the production department of O’Reilly, king of all tech pubs, I delighted in boasting that I ran Unix X Windows off a PC platform, while doing my home computing on a Mac.

I have always maintained that, though at times I have preferred Windows, I have never seen a PC laptop that I wanted to pet. I have never seen a Mac laptop that I did not want to pet. They are so preeeetty!

So why am I telling you all this?

Simple, really. I’m in the midst of a love affair. Pages, the Mac answer to Word, is delightful! I keep discovering more and more reasons to proclaim my love.

The coolest thing? I can hit Full Screen and watch the WHOLE WORLD disappear! Well, the whole world of my laptop. Suddenly all that is visible is my manuscript, and gone are the temptations of Twitter and Facebook and blog stats. It’s just me and my word count.

I was afraid that Track Changes would not be as functional as in Word. Oh, how I was wrong. Now I can choose to view thumbnails of the pages of my manuscript along the lefthand side, and all the new stuff I added yesterday shows up in red, and I can say HOLY CRAP, I got a lot of writing done yesterday! Then I can eat a cookie and find the will to carry on.

So there you have it. My Mac-ness is a latent seekrit I have been holding on to for years, but now that I have discovered the glory of Pages, I can keep my love secret no more.

My name is Linley Dolby, and I am a Mac.


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