Saturday drive

My mother and I took a ride up-island today to drop something off at a friend’s house – essentially, we ran an errand. This is the kind of thing I get to see when I run errands:


Squibnocket Beach, Aquinnah, Massachusetts

Pretty lucky, right?

Sometimes I need to remind myself how wicked cool it is to live on an island, particularly this time of year when we mostly see traffic cones and roadwork – everyone working to get things ready for the onslaught of summer visitors.

This time of year, everything is still ours. We made it through yet another winter – this one, covered in snow – and for the next couple of months, we get to watch the island slowly rise from her winter slumber, wipe the salt out of her eyes, and come back to life.

And we will once again renew our appreciation for this wondrous place where we live.

Good morning, Martha’s Vineyard. Hope you had a good rest.


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