BEDA begins and other assorted ambitions

Thanks to Maureen Johnson, Blog Every Day April is sweeping the Nets, and here I am, butt firmly seated on my own personal hay bale here on the back of the bandwagon. I managed to write 30K words in November, thanks to NaNoWriMo, so clearly having a sense of Internet community joining me in masochism common purpose is all I need to get shiz done, so here we go!

So for this month of ramblings, I actually have a bit of a PLAN and some GOALS.

Here are my thoughts:

Now that I’ve succumbed to yet another Facebook “Ten things” list, this time about my favorite memories of Emerson class of ’99 (holla!), I’ve realized that wrapped up in these lists are many stories of my life dying to be told. Perhaps not dying to be read, but I’ll leave that up to you. Navigate away as you see fit. In the college years alone, there are myriad tales of pumpkins jumping of their own volition from rooftops, really poor fashion choices, friendly rodent-style roommates, and falling in love.

As I’ve found these lists to be teeming with blog fodder, and as I’ve just recently learned that “Friday fives” is a common practice in which a blogger features a topical list on Fridays, I’m thinking Friday will be a theme day. Each Friday, I will feature a “Top 10” something-or-other, and hopefully I’ll be able to pull from it a couple of things to expand on in future posts.

As for “other assorted ambitions,” Poetic Asides is doing a poem-a-day thing this month. Crazy me thinks this would be fun because I in no way consider myself to be a poet, so it might be a cool, somewhat stress-free way to get creative. (You can quite possibly insert “APRIL FOOLS!” here, but who knows. Crazier things have happened.)

I also have been inspired to start a list of 100 books I want to read someday. I’ve come up with about 60 so far, but just writing the list and thinking about it has been cool, because it has reminded me of interests I had completely forgotten about (such as world’s fairs and Coney Island) and others I had cast aside (fairy tale literature) for the time being while other fascinations have taken hold (Mormons). Once the list is completed and tweaked, I will share.

In addition to all this blogging madness, the blog itself could use a little facelift, so changes are afoot. I want to add a “currently reading” box and maybe a Twitter feed.

So there. I’m motivated. I’m pumped. I’m going to be busy this month.

Just call me an April fool!


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