Dead barn cat: A eulogy…kind of

Last night, the Sweetened Water Farm barn cat finally lost its fight with suicidal pothole napping. In memory, I thought I’d share a story of my most vivid recollection of the cat, which might illustrate my belief that karma was going to get that sucker some day.

One day, I was driving down the dirt road to my parents’ house, past the split rail fence of the pastures where the horses graze. On top of the fence sat two birds. Robins, perhaps? My father can attest to the fact that I am inept at bird identification. Anyway, the two bird buddies were sharing a conversation that went something like this:

Bird 1: Tweet, tweet, tweet?

Bird 2: Tweet, tweet, tweet!

Then along skulks the fat orange feline, and POUNCE! Bird 2 is ripped from his perch and pulled to the ground, maimed and killed in cold blood while his buddy looks on, screaming. I kid you not: Bird 1 sat on that fence screaming. It was so sad.

So to you, barn cat, I say adieu.

And to the birds, it is now safe to come out of your hiding places. The reign of terror has ended.



  1. Gail said

    May he rest in peace and that means that the rest of us can now careen down the road, like the old days, at any speed we choose. I wonder who will get the “slow down, deaf barn cat” sign? Would look good in the Shed, I think.

  2. ifyoubelievethenclap said

    I know, because clearly no one should slow down for children or actual humans. Only deaf cats. If Dad can figure out how to read my blog, I’m guessing we’ll see that sign in the shed before long. Good call!

  3. Sadako said

    Awww, hooray for the birds.

  4. noactive said

    Dead barn cat: A eulogy…kind of .Thanks for nice post.I added to my twitter.

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