Blog addiction: Publishing insiders

I originally thought I had put off writing the second in my series of blog addiction posts out of sheer laziness. That is, until this weekend, when I discovered the list was not yet complete, as it was not until Saturday that I discovered Maureen Johnson. Who is HILARIOUS. She has written a ton of YA books, all of which I am so pumped to read once I’ve made a dent in this:


I wrote about Neil Gaiman’s blog a while back (here). His writing is just lovely, first of all. Besides that, he answers readers’ questions, sometimes giving good advice about writing. There is also this kid-in-a-candy-shop vibe lately since he won the Newbury for the Graveyard Book that is so exciting. For example, yesterday he was fired up about his spot on the Colbert Report. As you should be.

Another favorite: Meg Cabot. She’s hilarious! And upbeat! And listens to Beyonce! And reminds me of all my college friends in an odd way – like if she were to hang out with us, she’d get all the jokes without any explanation.

I love Jessica Faust’s blog for the BookEnds, LLC literary agency. Her posts are the perfect length, the information is so succinct and clear and, without trying to be, the spirit of the posts is always positive – constructive, but positive.

So there you have it. These are the publishing blogs that invoke a quiet “Yippee!” from me to computer when new entries show up in the reader. Enjoy!



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