Blog addiction: Advice columns

Sada* has been asking me for a while now to share with her some of the blogs I’ve been following. I figured if I was going to compile a list for her, I might as well keep my other 12 readers in the loop.

So this week, I’m sharing some of my faves. When these guys come up in Google Reader, I get excited, because I know I’m going to smile, or I’m going to learn something, or maybe I’ll be provoked to talk to my computer, which really confuses the dogs who are wary enough of the computer as it is.

First off, I LOVE advice columns. The question is always some really great, convoluted story you couldn’t make up if you tried, and then you get the opportunity to feel all smart, whether by coming up with a fantastic response or by believing your answer would be SO much better than the columnist’s.

My current favorite advice columnist is Miss Conduct in the Boston Globe Magazine. Here’s the most recent column. The Sunday columns are supplemented by a blog on which Miss Conduct (real name: Robin Abrahams) discusses anything from questions that couldn’t fit in the regular column to theories on Lost and Battlestar Galactica to delicious ways to prepare tofu. I like her no-nonsense take on etiquette that emphasizes the situationally useful rather than the precious. And she has a wicked cute dog.

I also enjoy Dear Prudence on and Miss Manners of the Washington Post. Prudie’s advice can tend toward the judgemental at times, and the punny responses sometimes seem more about getting in a clever pop culture reference than answering the question, but holy crap does she get good stories! Here’s a doozy. And I just love seeing the straight-laced Miss Manners get all flustered by the tackiness people exhibit these days, particularly as it applies to wedding registries and pay-your-way guest lists.


* Sada is also a HILARIOUS FRIEND. You’ll hear about her later.


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  1. Ask Miss Rose said

    Hi, there – i’m trying to get started with an advice column — Ask Miss Rose
    Please visit me!

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