As we enter the realm of fantasy…

I have a cold, my head feels like it’s filled with hot air, and I cannot access my work computer for another few hours due to some upgrades taking place on our server off-site. Because of all this, and because this economy that I want to kick so badly in the shins has turned me into Scrooge McDuck unable to part with my pennies, I will now indulge myself in the current list of things I would like to own.

I don’t have a shoe problem like a lot of the woman I know (ahem…Mom?), but jackets and bedspreads, oh me oh my! I just got a brand new comforter not long before Christmas that I la-la-love. It features a block print-ish pattern of little blue fishies swimming behind green bits of seaweed. It is super soft and very warm. It will be far too warm in the spring, so clearly I’ll need a new quilt, such as this:


I just happen to have the same bed too, so it’s almost like they’re meant to be together.

I also want these shams:


They would go with my current comforter AND the one I dream of purchasing. And plenty of others in the future. See? Practical.

Enough about bedding. Onto technology. Well, everyone already knows how badly I want this guy:

macbookI can’t bring myself to do it, because my little 2004 iBook is still plugging away. But the screen is so dim and too small. I want that extra inch and that super bright display. I told myself I could buy it if I finished my novel, but c’mon! Wouldn’t I rather finish my novel ON it?

I also want this nifty scanner:

HP ScanJet 4600

It comes with a stand, so it doesn’t take up much desk real estate, and you can SEE what you’re SCANNING! So cool! Except I’m starting to think they don’t even make them anymore, and there’s probably a reason for that. But oh well, that’s why its proper place is here in a list of fantasy items.

Those are really my top wants material-wise right now. It’s actually not that extravagant of a list, but I’m a girl with pretty simple tastes. Though if someone were to give me a big fat diamond pendant or a patent leather quilted Chanel shoulder bag, I certainly wouldn’t throw ’em back.


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