Revisions of the super secret novel

I (finally) bravely read through my rough draft this morning and it’s not that bad! Meaning I think it’s actually pretty good and not nearly as rough as I’d suspected.

I had a little critique session with my friend who read the manuscript last week, and a lot of the things I thought needed to be done I actually already did while I was writing the first draft, so that’s cool. Overall, we decided I have good bones, but I do need to seriously amp up the drama.

So today I made a storyboard, which I’m quite proud of:


Novel storyboard.

I color-coded each scene because that made sense to do but not quite realizing just how helpful that would be. The yellow scenes are pivotal or important scenes, the purple are point-A-to-point-B stuff, and the blue is backstory. (The five pieces in the bottom right are scenes I have not yet written. I don’t want to write the final scenes until everything else is strong.)

With the whole thing laid out before me like this, I can see where I’m moving too quickly or where the pace is lagging. I can also see that I have included very little backstory, and there might be a need to add more in certain places. (This is an issue I was already aware of, but the visual really helps to clarify it.)

I’m going to read what I can about revision this afternoon and try to find a few tools that might give me some insight on where to go from here.

Oh, and in case that storyboard shot should give you the impression that I’m sooo organized and have an amazing workspace, here’s some context:

The "office."

The "office."


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