The project that shall not be named and more love for Meg Cabot

Actually, the project totally has a name, but it’s such a good one and I’m so proud of it that I am keeping it secret.

But that’s not important right now.

What is important is that today it is being read by REAL HUMAN EYES for the first time. In fact, I haven’t even read back over it myself. But my (brave) friend and fellow writer Sada has been pressing and pressing for first look and I finally gave in, because I know she’ll be nice to me (right Sada?). Right now I just need someone to say it has some nice moments and it’s worth it to finish up. Because man, is it rough!

Meanwhile, I’m still working my way through the first three Princess Diary books, from which I must say I’ve taken a lot of lessons as a writer. One of which is having a particular audience in mind as you write. For Mia, writing in a diary gives this focus. I feel like if I pick a person to whom I’m relating the story, my voice will be a lot more consistent – because I’d certainly tell the same story differently to Sada than I would to, say, my gram. I’d use different language, slang, a different level of grammar, etc. (Funny, but I’d probably watch my grammar more with Sada, but I’d most likely make up for it with F-bombs.)

Another thing I’ve learned is not to be afraid of choosing devices that have been used a million times, such as the diary or journal format. I shy away from these things because I’m afraid of seeming unoriginal, but the diary of a stranger (i.e., fictional character) seems like it would be a blast to write, and it always makes for an enjoyable read. I love me some Georgia Nicolson and Bridget Jones.

So yeah, inspired by the Princess Diaries, I’m pretty psyched to begin my next project. I’ve had an idea starting to take shape, and I’m looking forward to getting ‘er going. And seeing as all the land is currently an Arctic tundra with no signs of changing any time soon, there appears to be plenty of time to write.


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