Things I wish existed: Easy photo-scanning apparatus

In my head, this thing works like a mini paper shredder: you take the bazillion photos from that trunk that could be so conveniently repurposed to hold something other than poorly focused pictures taken in your dorm room sophomore year and you feed them in, one at a time to the waiting mouth of this happy little device. It gulps them down one by one and, without any interaction with the software, when you’re finished, you have a folder on your computer of hi-res jpegs.



  1. Compact, fast and powerful, the KODAK s1220 Photo Scanning System makes it easy to digitize your customers’ treasured old photos, postcards and even their old documents so they can be shared by e-mail, displayed, printed, output to digital media and more.

    Versatile countertop system lets you digitize hundreds of photos and other memorabilia in minutes

    Virtually eliminates labor-intensive manual feeding—place even a disorganized stack in the feeder and scan away

    Powerful, user-friendly software delivers the versatility and control you need to easily retouch and enhance customer photos

    Low initial investment and minimal staff training make it simple and cost-effective to integrate with your current photo services
    The KODAK s1220 Photo Scanning System makes it easy to offer a popular (and profitable) service while giving your customers exciting new options for their favorite photos.

    Maximum output with minimum effort

    Just take the photos exactly the way you receive them—mixed sizes, different paper weights, random orientation—and place them in the fast auto-feeder
    Easily handles up to 30 photos (100 mm x 150 mm; 4 x 6 in.) per minute at 300 dpi

    • ifyoubelievethenclap said

      Thanks for the suggestion! Now if only there were something similar for home use that’s closer to the $300 range. But it is nice to know this sort of thing exists. When in doubt, I suppose I could bring my snapshots to the local photo place, though they might look at me kind of funny when I’m wheeling a entire trunk through the door….

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