Princess Diaries 1, 2, and 3 have arrived!

UPS has finally made with my box of Meg Cabot and Sarah Dessen love (along with pointy German tweezers, a new showerhead, and a humidifier – you gotta love Amazon), so this weekend you know where to find me. That’s right, I’ll be curled up in my bed researching how to become Meg Cabot – minus the wheat allergy. (I’m not completely obsessed, I just subscribe to her blog, and she happens to be quite forthcoming about her dietary restrictions.)

OK, enough. Really, not obsessed. Just want to be a prolific YA writer of the same vein, who always looks like she’s having fun. And lives on a warm island where it’s basically Mardi Gras all the time. Well, I got the island part working for me anyway, though I don’t know that Key West-style painted boobs would fly with the E-town popped collar set.

Anyway, the real reason I just started gushing about the MC love is that I just opened the Princess Diaries and realized it is actually written in diary format. “Duh,” you say, but I’ve only seen the movies and hadn’t really though about it that much. I’ve always thought it would be fun to write a book in diary format but was always afraid it would be somewhat of a copout. Then again, I love to read them: The Georgia Nicholson books, Bridget Jones, etc. And when I was younger, I remember loving them because the format made for a quick read. (Man, did I love me a Babysitters’ Club Super Special!)

So I think I might do it. I keep thinking the middle grade fashionista character I’ve been kicking around would lend herself well to the format. I have more thoughts on this that I’ll keep to myself, but yeah. That’s on the list.

In unrelated news, the issue of Martha’s Vineyard Magazine’s Island Weddings that contains my first ever paid piece of writing – “Ask Linley,” a wedding planning advice column – is officially in circulation!! Very exciting! I’m a published writer now, I guess!


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