Full circle

I’m glad to say that because of what I learned from my NaNoWriMo project about writing plot, I have been getting kind of pumped to work on Hottie Farmer again – though I must say, good god is it time for a new name! In my mind, the story has been called Summer Moon for months, and with the new year upon me, it is time to declare that.

The cool thing about how I wrote my NaNo project was that, because it is a retelling of a familiar story, the major plot points were already there. I had such a specific outline. So each day I sat down to write a new scene, I would list the two or three key things that had to come across in that scene, and then write. I actually picked up this method from listening to someone (Steve Carell? Will Ferrell?) talk about the making of either Anchorman or 40 Year Old Virgin (probably both, actually). They were saying how, when they set out to film a scene, they’d list the information they needed to get across, and then when the cameras started rolling, it was almost all ad lib. So that’s how I started writing.

One thing I noticed when working on Summer Moon (nee Hottie Farmer) was that when I described the story in conversation, it sounded pretty good, so it was already outlined in theory in my head – I just had trouble committing to that story. This is partly because I wanted things to feel organic – let the characters tell the story and surprise even me, the writer. While writing the NaNo project, I learned that even with an outline, I still surprise myself. So it’s time to get the outline for Summer Moon down on paper and let ‘er rip.

First priority is finishing the NaNo project, because for some reason, another difficulty of mine has always been finishing up the last couple scenes. The first draft is *thisclose* to finished. Time to wrap it up and get cracking on revision. I still haven’t reread any of it. 30K words written in two and a half weeks. I have no idea what’s in there. Could be all crap, but hopefully I’ll be pleasantly surprised. Fingers crossed….


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