Auld lang syne and goals for ’09

Wicked cool things that happened this year:

– Trips to New York, New Orleans, Boston, New Orleans again, Baltimore, Hingham (heh), New York again, and Bermuda

– I roasted a chicken! This means I knocked an item off the List!

– I wrote a couple things I’m pretty proud of.

– I did my first ever paid writing gig! I wrote a wedding planning advice column for  Island Weddings and Celebrations, a special publication of Martha’s Vineyard Magazine. (Which reminds me, I made some pretty amazing friends this year, too!)

– Back to one of those things I wrote that I’m pretty proud of: I wrote 30,000 words in 18 days! And I’m really excited about the project, for which the first draft is nearly complete. And it has series potential, which is exciting. Still keeping mum on the whole thing for now, but yay!

– I grew some things and cooked some things.

– I played host to an uninvited guest.

– Oh yeah, I started this blog. And another blog. Which will soon become part of this blog after all.

– I read some really great books and left some not-so-great books unfinished. Another I finished and hate hate hated, and one I put on hold. And I can’t forget the one I rediscovered from my childhood.

So yeah, there are some things.

For 2009, my goal is this:

– Get an agent.

There are many subgoals of writing, finishing things up, rewriting, continuing to write, writing, writing, and writing, but through this actions, I will focus my energy on the primary objective of finding representation and getting my writing to the next step.


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