Why the radio silence?

I could say it’s because of the three invitation projects I’ve been slaving over, or the piles of work that awaited me when I got back from New York, or the new blog with which I’m still in the honeymoon phase and totally digging, but I’ll tell you right now the honest reason I haven’t been posting: It’s time to write the date scene between Joe and Vicki and I’m terrified.

As a writer, I put a lot of trust in the story and the characters to more or less write themselves. I make very few decisions from outside the story. I try to just let it progress. Most of the time when I’m writing fiction, it’s almost like a trance. I just keep typing, telling the story the way that I would enjoy it as a reader, and it never comes out the way I expect it to. When I read back over something I’ve just written, it’s always surprising – just so odd that it came out of me. I don’t write outlines. I don’t start with a story in mind. In some ways, I wish I did. I think it would be so nice to have a guide so I know where I’m going and how I’m going to get there – a cruise director. I aspire to have that kind of forethought someday. But for now, I sit at the keyboard and wait to be astonished.

Joe showing up at the beach? So unexpected. I did not plan that. The editor in me had serious problems with it. It didn’t make sense pacing-wise, and I didn’t do much with him once he was there, but the reader in me – the boy-crazy teenage-type reader in me – wanted to see him again stat, and there he was. So I’m not taking it out. I think a nice scene came out of it. I remember writing the part when he showed up, and then thinking, what the f did I just do to myself? It took a few days before I had the courage to face that scene again and actually write it. Well, that’s what I’m feeling again right now, but times a hundred.

I still know very little about the two characters. In writing this scene, I’m expecting to learn so much about them. But what if I don’t? There’s that fear that I’ll stumble through and learn nothing. It’s a pivotal scene, and it should be an informative scene. I’ve built it up so much in my mind, that it’s time to return to basics, put one word in front of the other, “take it bird by bird.”

The comments section awaits any pep talks. Friends? Hook a sister up with some encouraging words.



  1. Sada said

    Dooooo it! I too want to know what happens.

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