Morning ritual

I started a new morning ritual a couple weeks ago when Dave was away. Well, actually, it didn’t begin as a ritual. I decided this week to make it one. It involves getting out of bed and out of the house by 8:30 a.m., going to the post office (second only to the grocery store as the bane of my existence), then stopping on the way home to pick up a 75 cent coffee. Yes, 75 cents! And the small is huge! And I am not disclosing the name of this coffee shop, because then you all will go there, and they’ll raise their prices, and really you’ll take from me the joy of walking into an establishment with no wallet, no credit card, just a crumpled up dollar bill that covers not only the price of my coffee, but a 25% tip as well! So, I’ll never tell.

I’m finding that as I write more, rituals are important, routine is important. My creative parts need a schedule, and when they are lazy, they need exercise. So each morning I will come home with my bargain coffee, and I’ll sit down and write. Before I catch up on the blogroll and read the news. While my brain is still fresh and still kind of fuzzy.

These morning posts will have a sort of stream-of-consciousness feel, and might be really boring to read, but they might contain ideas for later. Or just getting the lead out. I might have to set up a separate blog.

I’m actually coming to a crossroads with my blog. (See? Stream of consciousness.) I’m not sure if, in its current form, it is suiting its purpose as well as it could. First of all, I wish I had shopped around before settling on a blog service, because I think Blogger is more equipped for my goals. I could have separate blogs under one profile there. That makes more sense to me. Though I love the idea of someone coming to my blog to read about the iPhones-in-the-water debacle, then stumbling into Hottie Farmer and enjoying it, I don’t see it happening. I’d rather say: here is my humor/Vineyard-oriented writing, here is my fiction, here are my morning thoughts. [Ooh, I could then do an RSS page that feeds from all those other pages, so the main Linley Dolby page could combine all the others! Topeka, I have found it!]

The problem is, I don’t like change. Most people change cell phone numbers and email addresses more often than they change their hair styles. Well, my hair changes constantly, but I’ve had the same cell phone number since about 1998, and I’ve only ever changed my email address twice, keeping the same username both times. So if I’m going to do a great reorg, it’s going to happen once, and everything has to be thought out beforehand.

Dave has come in and asked me a question, and I’ve lost my train of thought. How do I indicate that I’m writing, and one short conversation blows the whole thing? I’m not one to close doors. We have one tiny little heater in our apt for winter, and we rely on air circulation in the summer, so temperature-wise it just doesn’t work. But when he talks to me, I say “Writing!” to try and let him know, but to stay in it, and then he asks a follow-up question, and I’ve lost it. Then I snap at him, “I’M WRITING!!!!” And then I growl. Really, I’m big on sound effects. I do actually growl.

So now all I can think about is what he’s asked me to do when I’m done writing, which I guess means the spell is broken for today. But I’ll end with this, because it’s worth noting, and I haven’t fit it in anywhere else: on the way to the coffee shop today, I saw my freshmen English teacher riding a scooter. AWESOME.


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