Update across multiple categories

I’ve spent the past couple weeks making wedding invitations for my lovely friend Justine, watching my garden evolve as some crops have completed their life cycles while others have begun to flourish, spending time with visiting friends and family, helping plan another romantically fast-tracked wedding, and most important, making pla-a-a-ans [insert picture of me tapping fingers together, muttering “Mua ha ha ha”].

Now I know everyone wants to see pics of the beautiful invitations that I created using handmade paper that can be planted to grow wildflowers, the potato harvest (!), and the plump and astonishingly seedless tomatoes, and I know you want to hear all about how I get to take a short jaunt to Bermuda in November, thanks to the previously mentioned fast-tracked wedding, but sorry. I’d rather talk about my plans! My exciting and life-altering plans!

So here it is: as of September 1, I will be writing full time. I’m going to take this writing thing seriously and see what happens. This means establishing a schedule, reading a ton, sending things out, hitting up friends and strangers alike for contacts, and living, and experiencing, and documenting. And imagining and creating and swinging in the hammock, searching the clouds for ideas and inspiration and little cumulus bunny rabbits.

I believe that when you send a message out into the universe, it causes a ripple effect, with each wave reaching farther and farther, until eventually the universe answers in kind. I’ve written my message in indelible ink, in my tidiest hand on non-biodegradable paper; I’ve had my message translated into multiple world languages, plus ASCII and binary, for good measure; I’ve rolled up my message and stuck it in a non-breakable polycarbonate bottle (definitely not BHP free); and I’ve thrown my message out to sea. “I AM A WRITER” is what it says. I’ll let you know what comes back.


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