Garden update: Odes to the produce

Inspired by yesterday’s bounty (pictured below) as well as a comment from a new reader, I have composed some verses to celebrate the literal fruits of my labor. Please enjoy.


You once looked lovely;
now you’re slumped over and sad.
You will soon be food.


[Sing to the tune of “Oh, my darlin’ Clementine”]

Oh, tomatoes!
Oh, tomatoes!
Oh, tom-AAAAA-toes on the vine!

When you ri-pen,
I will eat you!
Oh, tom-aaaa-toes on the vine!


Squash assuredly NOT from Nantucket
that I’ve chosen to grow in a bucket,
you started out bold,
then developed a mold,
so next year I might just say….


You growest up the trellis with aplomb
this year, when last you drooped pathetically.
I’ve heard that I could mix you up with rum,
livening mojitos incredibly.
You’re bearing two, three, four fruits every day—
more than this girl could possibly consume—
still each new offspring makes me shout, hurray!
Though in my fridge, there is no longer room
for all your children ‘midst the cheese and beer
and vast assortment of old condiments,
but still, with each new flower bud, I cheer,
and when you’re done, your death I will lament.
So lovely fruit creator, soldier on!
Until with fall’s first frost, your time is done.


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  1. Lori said

    Hooray for perfectly straight, garden cucumbers! I’ve never heard of adding them to a mojito but that sounds delish.

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