Frog: A thinly veiled allegory

Once there was a frog. All his life, Frog lived in a quiet pond. It was a pretty pond made of rocks, with a nice red maple for shade. Each day of his childhood, Frog would sit on his favorite rock in the middle of the pond, catch flies at leisure, watch the orange and white koi swim by, and enjoy the quiet, peacefulness of his pond.

One day – the Friday of Memorial Day weekend, to be exact – all these other frogs showed up all at once by frog boat and frog plane and driving frog SUVs. They brought their frog kids and their frog beach chairs and their frog bikes and their frog golden retrievers.

They laid out their frog beach towels all around Frog’s pond. They opened their frog coolers and started up their propane frog grills. They cranked up their frog radios with the greatest frog summer jamz.

Frog didn’t know what to do! It was so loud! And there was no longer anywhere to put out his frog towel. And he was frog hungry. So he swam out to his frog rock to be alone. But when he got there, there was a line of frogs, taking turns catching his flies! And diving off his rock! They were admiring his red maple! And they watched his koi swim around in circles!

It was a frog invasion!

So he packed up his frog things and started to go.

As he was leaving, a young frog girl asked him, “Where are you going?”

“I’m leaving,” Frog said.

“But this is the most beautiful pond! The red maple and the koi are so pretty, and the rock island in the middle is so cool! And the flies here are the juiciest I’ve ever tasted!”

“I know. I’ve lived here my whole life,” he said, with his frog lips turned down into a frog pout.

“You’ve lived here your whole life? All year round? What a special place to live! Most of us can’t stay past [Frog] Labor Day!”

“You’re right,” Frog said. “It is a special place, and I’m not leaving!”

So Frog put on his frog swimsuit and jumped into the pond. He swam over to his little rock and got in frog line to wait his turn for a frog snack. And he thought, he’s pretty lucky. Soon all these frogs will be back at their frog schools and their frog jobs in their frog cities, and he’ll be back in his frog shed, drinking a frog beer and watching the frog Patriots.



  1. coo said

    Reminds me of us Love Coo Go Pats

  2. Nance said

    Wonderful! And, we are lucky.

  3. Nicki said

    This would be a great children’s book! Maybe with some frog Kool-Aid instead of beer.

  4. Gail said

    really does sound like life at the Shed – you left out frog coors light

  5. ed vietor said

    That’s great!

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