What’s going on around here??

I’ve taken to picturing my brain like the Windows Task Manager. Here’s the breakdown of what’s going on up there:

55% is chugging away at the plot of Hottie Farmer…which might now be called Summer Moon…see? Chugging away. I’m trying to keep this part set to subconscious so that I can let some thoughts evolve. I have a few particular ideas about what may happen, some more grandiose than others. I think I’m ready to write the next scene, so that should be along shortly. Also, thanks to Sada, I know at least one person is actually reading it, so that gives me a little boost. But seriously, more than half my brain is chugging chugging chugging away at this.

10% is contemplating other things to blog about in the meantime. I’ll have a great thought about something to write about, and it is gone just as quickly. This could have to do with the summer-level alcohol consumption, in which case, many of the ideas probably aren’t that great anyway, so whatev.

10% is wanting to finish the book I’m currently reading so I can review it, because my hits go way up when I post book reviews and that makes me happy. (I also secretly want to finish what I’m reading and get it out of the way so that I can get to the next book in the Twilight series, because my hits go waaaay up when I review books about Edward Cullen. In fact, most of my hits today will be a result of including the words “Twilight,” “Edward,” and “Cullen” in this post. I really should try to get them in wherever possible. Cullen is actually a family name for me, as well as my dad’s middle name. Either this means I’m part vampire or Edward and I are distant cousins. I’m also related to Thomas Dolby, which is fascinating. I wonder if I’ll get any hits today based one my mention of Thomas Dolby. That would rule.)

20% of my brain is clearly consumed with blog hits and how to get them. It’s just fun and encouraging when the little line in the WordPress stats graph points up. Right now, my best day was 32 hits. We’re not talking anything out of control here, and believe me, I will draw some ticks throwing confetti the first time I get 100 hits in one day.

5% The remainder is set to private.

So you see, I’m presently consumed by what’s going on here in blog land, but since I’m really at a crucial decision point in the fiction piece, I haven’t come up with anything to fill the spaces. I did have a beautiful red strawberry all ripe for the picking that I was psyched to post a picture of before cutting it in half and sharing that first bite of summer with Dave, but the turkeys or deer or rabbits beat me to it. So sad. We did share a snow pea yesterday though. That was exciting. After the turkey ravaging a couple weeks ago, I thought the peas were done for, but now they’re flowering, so that rules. I might try to pull up a potato or two next week. We’ll see!

I’m planning on posting the next HF scene today or tomorrow. Any encouragement will be greatly appreciated. Tell me if it gets gimmicky. That is my true fear. I’m also sending out some queries within the week, and I’m going to send a poem to the New Yorker. I figure why not aim high to start. By the end of the year, I want my first full-blown rejection letter, framed and hanging above my desk, because each rejection will be one piece of paper (or email, I suppose) closer to a Yes, Ma’am.


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