Fruit and flowers!

Exciting things are happening in the garden these days. I swear it changes daily. I skipped a day this past weekend, and when I went back out there, my tomato plants had grown a foot! Everything is flowering. Well, except the peas. We had a little tragedy. Some wild turkeys busted into the garden last week and shredded a bunch of my pea plants and stressed the others, so they’re a bit behind schedule. I’ve had to retrain the vines (well, what’s left of them, at least) up the cage, and I had to fence the garden in, which means weeding is going to be tough. I have to actually move the whole fence to weed now. Like I needed another excuse to avoid this annoying task. Ah, well. Here are some shots of my victories. It took all I had in me not to post, like, ten pictures of the potato flowers. They are so pretty – and awfully photogenic, I must say. Enjoy!

Little baby tomatoes:

Wee green strawberry:

Soon-to-be squash:

Potato flowers (Potatoes: delicious AND PRETTY!):



  1. Danielle said

    Oh YUM. I just gave my herb garden a haircut this morning. I’m disappointed in my chives, though. They’re very stalk-y. Bah!

    Ooooh, you’ll be able to make sauteed squash blossoms!

  2. ifyoubelievethenclap said

    OK, tell me more about the sauteed squash blossoms. I’m intrigued….

    My chives are SA-AD. I don’t think I’ve even supplemented their soil in like two years. I just have to trim them back and start from scratch. But my scallions look awesome! And I planted mint and cilantro the other day!

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