Notes on the exercise

First of all, man I missed this! You start writing and you end up somewhere completely different than you intended. I started off in my mind with a 10-12 year old discovering a witch’s cottage and I ended up with something like a 17-year-old Manhattanite on summer holiday discovering the summer enclave of maybe a Al Gore-loving english professor…?

God, I love fiction.

I know the assignment was to start with a character sketch, and I had intended to start with the old lady (if that’s even existing any more), but I think the “character” of the cottage became more important to me. I’m loving the contrast of things like the linens that and Upper East Sider might pay a bunch of money for something to reproduce that “shabby chic” cottage look, but here it was in true form. And maybe I’ll want this character to discover that. Her mom thinks she’s all green by buying the organic tomatoes from the quaint farm stand, when here, this is organic–growing your own tomatoes.

OK, I don’t want to put too much on it yet, but tomorrow I’d like to explore the mother a little bit. Is she an event planner? A wedding planner? Or is she planning her own wedding? Which would definitely be a plot motivator. And another contrast with the hippie lady.

I have to say that I am not entirely comfortable with “sharing” my writing like this. It feels like I’m exposing my process a little bit. I guess I have to remind myself that no one is reading this, and if they are, that’s OK. And I really wouldn’t be writing as much if it wasn’t for the slight sense of accountability to some imaginary “audience” that blogging signifies to me. So there. Guh.



  1. Sada said

    Hope it doesn’t freak you out, but I AM reading this. :)

  2. ifyoubelievethenclap said

    The wording of your comment was slightly creepy, but besides that, I’m OK with it. Haha.

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