The List

OK, here it is. Today I’m writing the List. I have butterflies in my belly at the thought of seeing this in front of me!

Here are the things that I would like to accomplish in life, in no particular order. This is a living, breathing, ever-changing document that will grow and shrink and adapt, but it needs to start somewhere. It would probably be more auspicious to type this on a new moon, rather than while Mercury is in retrograde, but Mercury retrograde is all about revisiting old projects, so maybe this is appropriate. Maybe I should start the more challenging of the List items on new moons….

I am going to assign each List item a number for future reference. The numbers have no further significance.

OK, here I go….

1. Learn to play guitar. (Yes, I know some basic chords, but I want to learn to really rock out, with confidence.)

2. Learn to play piano.

3. Learn to golf.

4. Take tennis lessons.

5. Roast a chicken. (I’m great at following directions, and I’m a pretty good cook, so I don’t know why I find this so daunting, but I do. At least this has the potential to be easily crossed off the list.)

6. Finish Novel In Progress #1.

7. Shop around Novel In Progress #1.

8. Finish Novel In Progress #2.

9. Shop around Novel In Progress #2.

10. Write more.

11. Learn to love writing again.

12. Draw, paint, create more.

13. Cook a Thanksgiving dinner.

14. Finish War and Peace.

15. Paint a really big painting.

16. Enter a poster design in the agricultural fair poster contest. (Hopefully win!)

17. Clean up my letterpress.

18. Learn to use my letterpress.

19. Use my letterpress.

20. Create a line of greeting cards. (This sounds like a big one, but it’s really quite simple. I already have a certain style in which I make greeting cards. It’s just a matter of doing it.)

21. Create a line of letterpress greeting cards.

22. Knit a sweater. (Enough with the tiny hats already!)

23. Secret goal number 23! I just whispered it to myself, so I can consider it on the list, but I’m keeping my lip buttoned on this one.

I’m satisfied with the list so far. I’m sure there are things I am forgetting, and things that will come later, but for now, this is good.

Now for review/assignments!

1 and 2, my music-related goals, are probably good goals to save for the winter. I’ll shove these in the October/November tickler for now. In the meantime, tinkering with my guitar more often and trying to learn a few more easy songs should better prepare me for success in the future.

3 and 4, the sports goals. Golf can wait. For now, I will make it a point to play tennis at least a few times this summer, and hope to join the tennis center and start taking lessons in the fall.

5 and 13. 13 will have to wait until I have a house that can fit my family, so that’s off the table for now. (Ha, ha. Turkey dinner’s off the table.) 5 will have to wait until it is cold enough to turn on the oven without roasting myself, so this goal is fall-bound as well.

6-9. Pick three publishers and three agents who will take early chapters plus outlines, and print them out, get them in envelopes and send them out. This week, find the three and three.

10. Yay! A goal that at this moment I am actively succeeding in! Throw a writing exercise per week on the blog, and I’ll feel even better about it!

11. Hopefully it follows….

12. Thanks to the blog and art lessons with E, this is coming along. I’d like to see myself doing more on my own, although the kiddie projects are pretty fun!

14. I’m on page 395 out of 1386. If I knock off an average of 10 pages a week, I could finish it by 2010…. No really, as soon as this Rostov guy bites it, I should be interested again. Should I save it for winter or keeping plodding through? I’ll get there eventually.

15. This awesome should be delayed no longer. Three sketches by the end of the week.

16. Here’s something to focus on while accomplishing goal #12. The deadline is in April, so no rush, but no reason not to keep it in mind.

17-19, 21. Investigate this week. Pick up a toothbrush and just test out an area to see what’s involved. Stop being scared of lead poisoning. It’ll be OK. Heh. As soon as 17 is in motion, the rest should follow nicely.

20. Another focus for #12. Start sketching. get ‘er done. Early next week, I’ll expand on this assignment-wise.

22. Researching patterns for Dave’s Christmas sweater should commence. Sunday beach is a great time to work on this project. Let’s get it started.

23. We’ll put this one off a little while. For now, imagine what it would look like….

So to sum up, my assignments for the week include a list of three pubs and three agents, three sketches for the giant painting, a writing exercise, a toothbrushing of the letterpress, and reindeer sweater research. Excellent!


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