If You Believe, Version 2.0

I am broadening the scope of my blog a bit. I always feel like blogs have to have set themes. This is particularly weird considering that this is a blog that I never intended to be for anyone’s reading but my own, but I’m oddly compartmental like that, emphasis on the “mental” if you want.

It finally occurred to me that—duh!—blogs have categories. I can categorize things, and then they can show up on the same page and no one will even care! I think this is a result of my discovery this week of Google Reader. I now have gardening blogs, celebrity gossip, advice columns, and friends’ daily ramblings peacefully coexisting in one list, and I love it! So now packed right in with my reviews of five-year-old art classes, complaints/compliments about my education, and the rare short story, I’ll be talking about my garden, my life goals, and the books I read! Wicked! (Oh, yeah, and my obsession with words and language.)

So I just spent a good hour creating categories and filling in the description boxes of said categories, and I’m pretty exciting about moving forward with a more freeform plan here. So loosen that collar up and come along for the ride!

Here’s the menu (which I’m sure will evolve):

art: Art is an all-encompassing category and word that includes painting, drawing, singing, writing, thinking creatively, tapping the right brain, etc. To me, they’re all connected. Creation regardless of medium is the means; art is the end. When I was little, I wanted to be an artist when I grew up. At the time (and still), I would have considered any of the above occupations a successful outcome.

books: I eat books whole for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

cooking: Cooking really falls under “art,” too, as does gardening really, but that would be muddling things a bit. I have come to enjoy preparing delicious meals, many of which start with an idea or a single ingredient and a little inspiration. It has taken me a few years to develop confidence in combining ingredients that seem like a good idea in my head. Now with the obsession with vegetable gardening, there’s the fun challenge of what to do with three pounds of lettuce and the contents of the cupboards…. Fun!!

etiquette: My Virgo half (I’m a cusp) loves rules and structure (and the deconstruction of same) and I’m fascinated by tradition, social custom, and the origins thereof. I also live in the preppy capital of the world (Well, actually the preppy summer capital of the world. Emily Post herself summered in my town.) and have a Jane-Goodall-among-the-apes fascination with the upper crust and their habits.

gardening: I grow veggies and herbs, and tend to kill any plants that do not result in food. Gardening is my current blee-iss.

inspiration: Sometimes I come across quotes, pictures, ideas, etc. that I want to save for later.

language: As a bookworm, creative writing BFA, and sometime editor, I’m into grammar, etymology, punctuation, misuse, words, etc. It comes up from time to time.

learning: I’m always reading something or taking some class about something or other.

musings on creativity: Yep. That’s pretty self-explanatory.

observations: Ditto.

overthinking: I tend to overanalyze pretty much everything, so here’s a category for any dissection that might occur.

teaching: I’m teaching art to my five-year-old niece. This has gotten me thinking about teaching in general.

the List: The List with a capital L is my lifetime to-do list. I read somewhere (Gail Blanke’s column in Real Simple magazine, to be exact—love her) that getting it down in writing can help to actually get the wheels in motion to accomplish some of these things, or eliminate some that once on paper (or “on blog,” as the case may be), seem less necessary. I think it’s appropriate that the blog that I began as a tool for rediscovering my creativity might be expanded to overseeing the List and its progress.

writing: This category includes writing exercises, as well as anything I have to say about writing and publishing in general.


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