This post is for the purpose of organizing my thoughts and will be rambling.

Teaching art lessons to my niece started off making me interested in children’s brain development and what they are capable of drawing or learning to draw at what points in that development. Reading Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain, along with this whole weird thing I’m having that’s preventing me from creating freely (the motivator for starting this blog), and thinking about certain children I know who have certain struggles that trigger parts of me from my childhood dealing with similar struggles, is piquing my interest in art therapy. On a smaller level, I’m seeing an opportunity for problem-solving using art, catering to a child’s individual needs, which might be vastly different that the needs of another child.

For example, Child 1 is a very friendly, easy-going kid. She has a lot of friends already at age five, plays very well with other kids, is generous and sharing by nature. In addition, she has a two-year-old sister who needs a lot of attention. My thinking so far is that one-on-one time in which she can share her opinions and ideas, have undivided attention of a teacher (which easy children like her don’t get as much of since teachers spend a lot of time dealing with kids who need a lot of attention), and just having fun are what will work best for her.

Child 2 is six going on 40. She is super smart–already reading chapter books, loves to do math activities at home. She holds herself to such a level of perfection that overwhelms her. If asked what she would want to do in art class, she’d probably say she’d want to learn to draw people better, or she’d try to teach the teacher what she knows. I would want to tap into the creative for her. Find projects that are freeform, without boundaries or rules. Get dirty. How would I encourage this direction while letting her feel like she’s accomplishing her goals too? I would like her to learn to trust her right brain without trying to control it.



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